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Born in Vienna on August 24, 1960 
High School in Mödling – Franz Keimgasse 
Vienna University of Technology - Electronics Engineering 
Candidate for space flight 1989
First Austrian Cosmonaut 1991 – Mission Soyuz TM 13
Married  - Father of Adrian, Carina, Dominic and Alex



In his spare time, Franz enjoys playing piano - alone and as a founding member of the Berndorf Jazz Band.


Traveling with family, meeting friends and working in the garden are all part of his relaxation strategy. Nature and environmental protection belong to his priorities. His favorite sports include ski touring, hiking, swimming, water skiing and kite surfing.



His daughter Carina was born only a few hours after the successful launch into space on October 2, 1991

On November 20, 1991, Franz Viehböck received an award "Druzhba Narodov" – especially awarded by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, which happened to be his last official act of this kind, before the end of the Soviet Union.


In October 2009, the International Astronomical Union and the Minor Planet Center (MPC, Harvard University Cambridge, USA) named the minor planet 214911 after him - VIEHBOECK

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